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Why a New-Hire Welcome Kit Is Important

Why a New-Hire Welcome Kit Is Important

“Developing an effective onboarding program is an investment, but it’s a good one, and there are ways to improve your approach without killing your bottom line.” – Forbes

According to a study conducted by TINYpulse, facilitating an engaging and well-thought-out onboarding program leads to more productive and high-performing employees who eventually stay with the company longer, hence driving a decrease in employee turnover rate.

Your employees or new members are your business’s major stakeholders. They’re comparable with your customers whom you have to impress. Creating a lasting impression fundamentally starts during their first day where you will want to present them a stunning welcome kit that stands out.

A welcome package is not just meant to excite or impress new team members. It saves loads of the facilitator’s time during the employee onboarding since it provides clear expectations and an explanation of a company’s culture while also itemizing company policies and other relevant information.

Welcome kits are important tools to reinforce or improve a company’s culture. They help your employees become productive right away and serve as an instrument to communicate expectations and initially provide answers to frequently asked questions in black and white. Here are the main components to include in your new hire kit so it can fully serve its purpose:

Informative guides and standard paperwork
These are the basics that your new employee should know about the company and the workplace. These include a printed copy of the employee handbook, HR forms such as employment contract, emergency contact form, benefits form, confidentiality agreements, compliance forms, organizational chart, office map, and employee directory. You can even incorporate a guide with local hotspots, including nearby gyms, cafes, and restaurants!

Useful tools and materials
These items could be a laptop, mobile phone, or any other company-issued equipment such as a flash drive or any computer peripherals. Security items such as IDs, badges, keys, and parking passes should be included as well.

A personalized welcome note
For a more personal touch, consider a handwritten note by the new member’s direct supervisor, hiring manager, or even the company’s CEO. This is probably the best way to show a new hire that they’re already part of the team and make them feel included.

Personalized swag
Primarily, you want to make your new member feel welcome right off the bat and integrate them into the social and cultural climate of the workspace. What better way to do that than by including customized swag into their welcome packages. After all, who wouldn’t want to have some personalized and useful freebies! Statistics show that the top logoed items people love are shirts, coffee mugs, pens, and water bottles.

Once you’ve successfully put these together, your employees are most likely excited to perform and bring in good business. Now, the ultimate question is, how are you going to bring all these together in one splendid package? LuxeKits can help you in that department! Our expertise in the custom-packaging industry can turn your ideas into extraordinary tangible outputs. Contact us today!