Mounting and Turn Edge

When we first got into business in 1986, we produced standard binders. That’s it. Now, those were good enough to get by, but we weren’t making any sort of impact in the avant-garde Miami design community. To get noticed, we had to do custom work.

Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to add innovative techniques to our repertoire, and we’ve succeeded. Two of the great finishing touches we offer today are turned edge construction and in-house mounting.


Turned Edge Binders

We love our advanced techniques here at Fastkit, but sometimes, the best approach is old-school. Turned edge is pretty simple: We’ll cut the cover material to your specifications, stretch it over the binder and turn the edges, hence the name. It’s the way book covers and binders have been made for centuries, and it’ll give your products that classic feel that’s sure to delight.

One of the greatest advantages of turned edge binders is their durability. Depending on the materials used, they last two to three times longer than standard binders, and they’re made to handle more use and abuse than other models.

Better yet, turned edges are ideal for truly custom work. Unlike standard binders, which are tricky to produce in odd sizes, turned edge binders can be made as small or as large as you’d like. There’s no expensive retooling or machine setup required.

Mounting Work

With decades of experience in the custom binder and book binding business, it’s no surprise that we’ve become adept with all sorts of adhesives. There are about a thousand different types of hot and cold glues at our disposal, and we’ll pick the best one for your desired materials, humidity, temperature and strength. We’ve got the equipment for high-speed gluing and the manpower to handle even the most complex hand gluing projects, and we can put together just about any combination of materials: paper to paper, paper to corrugated, paper to chip and more.

In-House Touches

We’ve brought together the best talent in the business, given them the best tools available and put them to work in our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility. That means we have the capacity to turn out as many custom binders as you need featuring our in-house turned edge work. It’s just another way to provide design perfection for our customers, every time.