Structural Design & 3D Prototyping

At Fastkit, we’re constantly hard at work producing high-end custom materials. We use a dizzying array of materials and construction techniques to create new and extraordinary products, and each new project means working with a new client to adjust our approach based on existing design schemes and target audiences. It’s a mammoth task, and it would be easy to get lost and waste time along the way. We don’t do that.

What’s our secret?

We use 3D prototyping to test out every design before it goes to production.

Structural Design and Prototypes

We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of design, and that applies to the software we use as well as the hardware in our factory. With Adobe Creative Suite, specialized software from Esko and other great products, we test out every new design idea in or lab and make sure it will work before we commit to the project. The days of physical prototypes are long gone. Thanks to those great software tools, we can make adjustments on the fly and perfect our design before we’ve even started work.

As we’ve expanded our business to include even more specialty techniques, we’ve grown even more dependent on 3D prototypes to keep our costs down and our quality up. During the pre-engineering phase, we consider materials, construction techniques and specialty finishes such as UV treatment, die cutting, embossing, debossing and mounting. By bringing together all of the tools at our disposal, we work with our clients to create something amazing.

Following Through on Our Models

Once we’ve created a great prototype and communicated with the customer, it’s time to begin work. The pre-engineering phase is just the first step in a design process that we keep in-house from start to finish. From assembly to packaging to shipping, we take care of everything ourselves, and we keep the prototype in mind at each stage. Because there’s no outsourcing, there’s no chance for any of the features we tested to get lost along the way, and we save time and money in the process. That means we can meet any customer’s deadlines and do it at an affordable price.

In short, 3D prototyping starts us on the path to design perfection, and we take care to follow that path every step of the way. Let us show you how computer design aids us in building something that will take your business to the next level.