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Combining your products into eye-catching kits is an effective way to grab customers’ attention at any stage in the buying process. Whether you’re welcoming new prospects with samples, outfitting your sales representatives with marketing tools, or spreading the word with a press kit, Fastkit can get the job done with style.

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Convenient Kitting

Kitting is the process of pulling multiple products from the warehouse floor and combining them into new kits. Without a doubt, we’re one of the nation’s most trusted kitting companies. So if you need to package a variety of items together for efficient distribution, you can simplify this process by hiring our services. You get a much bigger wow factor with a custom kit than you will with stand-alone items.

Some companies are deterred by the complexity of kitting small pieces from the warehouse. Kitting companies are equipped to take over this part of the distribution process so you can focus on product design and item selection and leave the kitting to a pro.

Streamlined Fulfillment

Working with a fulfillment company is the best way to manage a large volume of customer orders. Kitting and fulfillment services include everything from procurement and assembly to bundle-wrapping and gift packaging.

Our fulfillment company focuses not only on the prompt completion of each order, but on the special touches and small details that go into production and packaging as well.

Prompt Distribution

Kit distribution is as important as design. Even the most impressive kits won’t make much of an impression if they don’t arrive in a timely manner. Make sure your members get welcome kits while they’re still excited and enthusiastic about their new venture.

Prompt distribution is the final essential element in our process. Reliable inventory management, sourcing, and packaging come together at this last crucial checkpoint to ensure that customers receive their kits on time.

Working with professional kitting companies is a smart choice from beginning to end. Kitting, fulfillment, and distribution services make it possible to reduce inventory, increase response times, and improve your kit design. Fastkit has the experience, organization, and creativity that you need to make sure your kits are handled professionally at every stage of the process.

In working with Fastkit over the past two years, attending numerous industry events and seeing the quality in their work... They are one of the BEST in the industry. Their attention to detail, design, trends and product knowledge is unequivocal. They are loyal, ambitious, focused and provide an array of creative solutions to their customers. Their work, speaks for itself.

Allyn Carmona - Partner at two smart blondes