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The Art of Unboxing

The Art of Unboxing

Think about a childhood memory when you’re about to open a present on a Christmas Day. It’s the excitement and anticipation of not knowing what’s inside the box that makes you thrilled beyond measure.

Changing times have turned unboxing from a personal pleasure to an online fad, to a powerful eCommerce tool. It has become a vital factor that successful brands take advantage of to build a personal connection with their customers.

What is unboxing?

Unboxing is the process of unpacking a consumer product to reveal what’s inside the packaging while documenting the experience through video recording. It encourages consumers to share their brand experiences online, mostly through social media, thus creating a ton of free publicity.

Why does the unboxing experience matter?

Some people might be wondering why would anyone watch someone “unbox” a product. Consider these statistics:

The word “unboxing” is searched by 90,000 users on YouTube every month.
There are almost 40 unboxing videos on YouTube that have over 10 million views.

Modern consumers put value in the entire purchasing experience, which includes unboxing the product. It has been proven that people are naturally drawn to products and packaging that are visually appealing. Why? Because our visual stimuli has the greatest impact on our perceptions.

A great unboxing experience helps your brand tell a story. It not only makes your products look good but also helps with crafting your brand’s narrative. Instead of written statements, you are giving your consumers tangible proof of who you are.

It’s also a huge factor that drives customer loyalty. Brand loyalty is not entirely about the quality of a product. What brings your customers back is how you add value to their experience and offer an extra “wow” factor that sets you apart. From an economic standpoint, long-term customer relationships are much more profitable than attracting new prospects.

How do you create the perfect unboxing experience?

Custom packaging that creates a memorable and gratifying user experience consists of a number of elements.

Functionality – The fundamental element of a great unboxing experience is having a strong functional design. It must serve its purpose, which is to protect the items inside from possible damage.

Personalization – The way to your customers’ hearts is making them feel special. Customize your packaging design that best suits the taste of your target audience so that they will feel valued.

Fun – Create an exciting package that’s both classy and tasteful. Reveal one element at a time and take your customers on an exciting journey to the revelation of the main product.

Design – An attractive packaging design triggers a part of our brain related with behaving impulsively and the feeling of having been rewarded. Create a beautiful packaging in which design elements complement each other.

Branding – The unboxing experience serves as your brand’s ambassador. By including your company logo, featuring your brand colors, and embracing your brand’s typography and voice in a written copy, you will be able to tell your brand story through the unboxing experience.