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The Anatomy of a Good Product Packaging

The Anatomy of a Good Product Packaging

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” —Steve Jobs

One of the major struggles for most marketers is getting their target customers to notice the product. Product packaging plays a major role not only for brands in the retail environment but also for those in the influencer marketing network and even in events planning industry.

The way you design your product packages does not entirely depend on its aesthetics. Equally important is its other detailed elements such as what it’s made of, how it is made, and how it looks. According to Marty Neumeier, author of the book “The Brand Gap,” “the retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.” Since packaging is the first interaction every consumer has with a brand, it has become one of the most valuable assets for marketing teams.

An effective packaging design understands how its target audience thinks and feels. For brands to ultimately get the attention of their consumers, they should make connections with them and meet their needs. They have to continuously innovate their packaging designs. It has to create interest and strengthen brand recall to stand out. Here are the six essential elements of a good product packaging.

Form and Design

Appearance is the initial and most obvious prerequisite of a notable and effective packaging. Visual look is not simply about making use of the most colorful patterns. The outer box should complement the appearance of the product and the niche market you are aiming to capture.

Usability and Experience

A well-designed package guides a person through an exciting journey. The unboxing experience is the excitement and anticipation of not knowing what is inside and wanting to savor the moment. Usability, on the other hand, is pretty straight-forward. Several things need to be considered depending on the type of product you are designing for. Is the box easy to open, and can it also be resealed? Is it easy to get the product out of the package? Other key packaging issues include simplicity, reusability, and size and shape.


During this modern age in which information has become a commodity, people want to know exactly what they are purchasing or getting. They want to know what the package consists of, what the product is made of, or where it is made. Identify what separates your merchandise from the competition and showcase it in a prominent place on a packaging.

Examples of a Good Product Packaging


Simple, soft-touch, and laminated. This luxury packaging comes with a sleeve in which an insert holds the original packaging. It is a clean way to show multiple products.

Isa Lazo

Another luxury packaging that boasts clean and crisp lines for a kit box. The outer ensemble is an uncoated, textured paper with a rigid cardboard insert. Foil stamping and magnetic closure were also applied.


This kit for Audi events is an elegant, custom rigid box that is digitally printed in a luxurious pearlized cover material. It features a custom tray where the product can be placed and a capacity folder to hold marketing collateral. To enhance the look and make it stand out, a red acrylic cover was added.