Industries We Serve

Versatility is a cornerstone of our business at Fastkit, and we’re proud to have helped companies in a broad range of industries reach new heights with creative and effective presentation and packaging products. Here’s just a sample of the fields we’ve brought to life.

Food And Beverage

It’s said that you eat with your eyes first, and we’re prepared to serve up a visual smorgasbord to present your food and drink to your patrons. Custom menus are one of our specialties here at Fastkit, and we offer endless choices of materials, decorations and construction. From casual diners and food courts to classy five-star restaurants, we can develop a style to suit the needs of any food service business.

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Event Planning

All of your terrific work as an event planner means nothing if people don’t show up to the event itself. That’s where custom invitations and day-of products from Fastkit come in, bringing each event to life with professional finishing touches. Our engineers can also produce custom packaging for wedding favors, decorative displays and more.

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Any educational institution, public or private, needs to inform and train its students to succeed, and presentation is a huge part of effective training. Between our wide range of custom binders and spiral and book binding, we can print all the materials you need to make the next lesson a smash hit.

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Your business is all about making people feel welcomed, and there’s no good way to do that without a personal touch. We’ll work with you to produce custom pieces – displays for your lobby, invitations and other materials – that will show your guests you really care. It’s those little touches that will make their stay memorable for all the right reasons.

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It’s not enough to show your customers that the cars you sell run; you need to get them excited about making their next vehicle purchase. To that end, we’ll produce point of purchase materials that really pop, putting everyone who walks through your door into a buying mindset before they even have a chance to speak with a representative. You have to close the deal, but we’ll start the engine for you.

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Staying ahead in the ever-changing financial industry means staying on top of the latest developments, and it can be tough to build a training program that keeps your employees in the loop. We’ll give you a hand with top-quality, custom-made binders, our specialty for over 25 years. Whether you need a dozen for a small meeting or thousands for a company-wide training initiative, we have the capacity and the passion to meet those needs.

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Timing and efficiency are essential in any industry, and that’s exactly what we at Fastkit can deliver. For large and small projects alike, we’ll work with you to make even your most off-the-wall ideas a reality, on time and on budget.

Cohen & Valencia

Excellent product. Have used his services consistently, and always recommend his company when incorporating and or beginning a business for a client. HIs knowledge of the business, and his speed in producing the work product are unmatched in the industry

Stewart Valencia - Partner at Holman