Golden egg between usual white eggs

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Customers To Notice You

Like a male peacock displaying his feathers, or a beta fish flaunting its colors, the display of your printouts can draw in your customers and give you the opportunity to sell your brand. So don’t be wallflower or a gray swallow hiding in the trees — stand out and command attention with these five industry tricks.

1. Use Contrasting Colors When Picking Your Foils

Choosing the right colors for your branding is a science, and psychologists have spent years trying to understand how the brain reacts to different colors and why. When you’re looking to attract attention, choose colors that directly contrast each other. Opposite colors like blue and orange or yellow and purple will stand out more than colors right next to each other. To further improve your pairing, make sure that their tones strongly contrast each other. A dark purple will stand out more on a yellow background than light purple.

If you can’t control the color scheme, then look at the printing type to stand out. Choose a Metallic or a Holographic embossing finish to add some extra shine, or opt for matte finish to set the tone. The wide variety of foils that we have means color never has to be an issue when you’re trying to stand out.

2. Break the Mold with Different Sizes

If you’re looking to stand out in the mailbox, or need to be selected before your competitors, try selecting different sizes like a perfect square or a triangular shaped printout. Most people expect to receive invitations, press kits, and product announcements in the standard envelope or folder shapes, which means they’re easy to overlook. By choosing a unique shape, you’re immediately noticed because the brain wants to know why there’s something different than the rest. Simply cutting off one of the edges of your paper can increase the amount of people who stop to read your content.

3. Go Big, Go Small, or Go Home

While you may want to order giant posters to attract as many people as possible, small printouts can actually be more effective at grabbing someone’s attention. This method is similar to choosing a unique shape: by opting for an unusual size, you pull at the curiosity of customers who want to see how so much important information could be added to such an unusual packet.

Of course, we won’t stop you if you do want to go big with your printing. Large cards, invitations, and menus are a great way to grab customer interest and get them excited about what you offer.

4. Try Different Textures to Utilize the Sense of Touch

Humans use their sense of touch to better understand their surroundings and forge relationships with the people around them. In the same way that a firm handshake can let clients know that you mean business, a laminated or textured printout can convey professionalism and tell your brand story.

Lamination can set your page apart from the rest and stop a finger as it’s flipping through a book. Instead of laminating the whole presentation, try laminating only one or two pieces for a dramatic effect.

For your front covers or invitations, look into textured prints and thicker papers that will draw people in and interest them in what you have to say. It’s a good sign if a customer runs their hands over your printouts before reading what’s inside.

5. Emboss or Deboss Your Main Message

Embossing is the process of creating hills on your printouts, and creates a 3D effect when someone runs their hands over the text. Debossing creates the opposite effect: the words are sunken into the paper, creating valleys in the display. Both of these tactics will draw customers in when they reach for your printouts and feel the textured writing underneath. A great way to help customers commit your name to memory is to combine the sense of sight and touch with an embossed name or logo.

You don’t have to use all of these tactics to stand out, but the more unique you are, the more customers are going to be drawn to your printouts and eventually your business.