It’s Time For A Branding Makeover

It’s Time For A Branding Makeover

Cosmetics brands are all about making the customer feel attractive, whether they’re appealing to men wanting to smell nice on a date or a young woman trying to cover her acne or highlight her cheekbones. With the nature of the product, there’s a ton of creativity and options allowed in the packaging. Here are a few of our recommendations for cosmetics brands and how you can wow customers when they see your product.

Think “Outside the Box” with Your Package Shapes

Cosmetics brands have some of the most flexibility in the industry when it comes to packaging, so why would you stick with a simple square or rectangle? We can work with you to create both rigid and folding boxes in any size or shape, turning your wonderful creation into a present that draws in the eye.

Brainstorm how your product would look in a pentagon-shaped box for edgier brands, or an oval and circle-shaped package for softer messaging. A unique box will make your product stand out before your customers even see what is inside.

Test Different Textures and Finishes

Along with the box, your customers will be drawn in by the textures and 3D feeling you add to your packaging. Consider adding embossed or debossed lettering that pushes the text out or into the design. This allows your customers to feel the text when they run their hands over the box, creating a sensual experience that comes with so many makeup brands.

We also offer a variety of foils in metallic, matte, and primary colors to add a shiny element to your lettering. You don’t have to choose contrasting colors, as a metallic black foil on a black box can make the lettering shine in a subtle way that draws in the customer’s eye.

It’s the Elegant Touches that Count

The small details have a big impact in the cosmetics industry, so don’t be afraid to explore small details like a bow wrapped around your package or metal fasteners snapping the box shut. Ask us about small accessories and additions that you attach to your packaging, which will create a high-end experience regardless of your budget.

The cosmetics industry is all about creating an experience for its customers and letting them feel pampered, which means it’s okay to go the extra mile for a little glitz and glam. Even if you’re selling a simple skin-care cream, the little details can make it seem like you’re promoting the elixir of life.

Let Customers Peek Behind the Curtain

Transparent packaging is a great way to highlight the value of your products and let customers see what they’re actually buying. A common trend in cosmetic brands is to place a small vial of cream or powder in a large package to make it seem grander and make the presentation more dramatic. This can also be frustrating to customers who thought they were getting a whole bottle.

If you’re offering something of value to customers, let them know it with clear packaging. You don’t have to choose a completely transparent film, but can open up a corner to let them see what you have to offer.

Create Unique Packages for the Holidays

We highly recommend gift packs for cosmetics companies during the holidays. These packages are wonderful marketing tools that allow brands to sell multiple items at once — even if they’re in a sample size — to let customers try out their products. They’re also a useful tool for up-selling items, as the convenient packaging saves the customer time and energy having to wrap it him or herself.

To create the perfect holiday package, select a few of your best selling products along with a few new options. This way the gift bag will appeal to existing customers who are interested in your cosmetics along with new customers looking to try something new.

However you decide to style your cosmetics product, we can make sure the packaging uniquely reflects your brand, your price point, and your target market. We strive to wow you just as much as you want to wow your customers.