The Key To Planning The Event Of A Lifetime

The Key To Planning The Event Of A Lifetime

Whether you’re hosting a product launch party, industry conference, promotional event, or holiday party, your guests will judge your event long before they arrive. As soon as they open the invitation they’ve decided how excited they are for your event. Do your invitations lure them in with distinctive packaging, letting your guests know this will be the event of the year? Or do they get lost in the shuffle so your guests ignore them and let the date pass? We’re here to make sure your event invitations stand out while the gift bags, place cards, and menus keep your guests talking for days after your celebration.

Announce Your Event with a Custom Box

If you’re really looking to stand out above the rest with your event, skip the paper invitation (or worse, digital media kit) and stand out with a custom box. The very act of opening your event invitation will make your attendees feel like they’ve received a present, and in a way they have. Some customers include samples in their packaging, especially for a product launch, along with all the information attendees need to RSVP and make it to the event.

Not only will this invitation stand out, it will remain nearby on their counters and desks where your guests can think about how exciting your event will be in the days leading up to it.

Include All the Information You Need

While we’re sure your event is going to be fun, there’s often information that needs to be shared with guests and attendees before they arrive. For a product launch, you want the media to have the product specifications and benefits so they can talk it up when they review it. For a B2B conference or formal meeting, you want to hand out the agenda along with information about the event its sponsors.

We can help assemble media kits and notebooks for your attendees to receive in the mail beforehand or in a clean package upon arrival. This creates a strong first impression and proves that you know exactly what your guests are looking for.

Don’t Forget the Details with Our Custom Menus

The success of your event rides on the small details from start to finish. As your guests line up for food, sit at their assigned tables, or walk past caterers carrying trays of delicious snacks, they’re bound to ask what’s on the menu and see how it relates to your event. This is your opportunity to create amazing custom menus that match the branding of the event and prove that you’ve thought of everything when it comes to pleasing your guests. Adding seemingly small flourishes like foil stamping and embossing impress attendees while they wait to dine.

Ask us about our paper menus and the finishing touches that make them stand out above the rest. You might find that a few guests actually want to take them home as mementos!

Make Your Product and Presentation Stand Out

If you’re hosting a new product launch or making a presentation about your brand, company, or industry, make sure you have the best posters and sample boards to draw your audience in. Not only do these visuals draw in the eye and captivate media and guests who are listening to your presentation, they also offer a 3D option for people to hold your products and understand what you’re trying to say. This is idea for companies that offer services or cater to industries that make it hard to give out samples.

In all likelihood, you’re trying to get something out of this event. You want the media talking about your product or your want customers to consider choosing your services. We can work with your end goals to make sure you have the materials needed to make your event a proven success.

Your guests will see how much work you put into your event by the amount of care you place in details like invitations, place cards, and information kits. At FastKit, we will make sure you’re not ignored so everyone will want to attend the to-go event of the season.