Spice It Up in the Boardroom

Spice It Up in the Boardroom

In every relationship, there comes a point where comfort can turn into boredom if you aren’t careful to add some spice. That’s true for the relationship between you and your customers too. When they look at your packaging and presentations, do they see more of the same, or are you giving them the novelty they crave? Don’t let your brand get stale. Show it some affection with a spicy new style that will have your customers falling in love with you all over again.

Freshen Your Brand’s Look

Your customers don’t need to see a total transformation to see you in a whole new light. Just giving your packaging a new twist is enough to show your customers you still care about making a good impression. One great way to update packaging and presentation materials while maintaining your brand identity is with new finishes and accents. If your current labels have two-tone text with a high-gloss surface, what happens if you switch to a satin finish and four-color printing? Could embossing or debossing make your packaging a standout on store shelves? Would die-cutting give your product line a cool new edge?

Your brand is especially in need of an update if you aren’t taking advantage of the new capabilities packaging designers have to offer. Foil stamping and embossing is more accessible than ever, and new surfaces give everything you print tactile appeal. Frosted and neutral looks give packaging a contemporary look that still keeps your brand’s logo front and center.

Making What’s Inside Match the Outside

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to spoil a relationship if partners learn to grow together. Over time, brand personalities can shift. Think of how spice it up imageKentucky Fried Chicken became KFC or The Gap went from Youthquake wear to wardrobe essentials, and you’ll get an idea of how much brands can evolve while staying recognizable. The key is to make what’s on the inside of that package match its outside and stay relevant to the brand’s audience.

New packaging makes what’s inside the box visible on the outside; in the case of translucent and transparent packaging, that change is literal. After you’ve put so much thought into product design, maybe it’s time to let your line speak for itself with translucent boxes or windowed packaging.

Get a Packaging Makeover

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to make a little change. You need to do something dramatic to make an impact, and that starts with your branding. A redesigned logo, upgraded promotional materials and innovative packaging that gets attention for all the right reasons could be just what your line needs. A floor-up redesign brings back clients who have strayed to see what’s different and grabs the attention of new customers who haven’t seen anything like what you offer them. Get bold with color; we have far more than fifty shades to show you, and nothing makes packaging as irresistible as a juicy color scheme. Finish the style with foil or embossing that gets your packaging noticed.

Whether you freshen your product’s appeal with an understated change or go for a full-on transformation, make this your time to win your customers’ affection. With love in the air this Valentine’s Day, now is the perfect time to spice up your branding with Fastkit.