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The Right Way to Launch Your Products This Year

Releasing new products isn’t always easy. If you’re not careful, your latest items will hit the line quietly and go largely unnoticed in the vast landscape of competitors that floods nearly every market. Done right, however, your new releases can herald long-lasting success for a fresh line. Make 2017 your year to shine, and polish up your product launches to make a major impact on your bottom line.

Make it Personal

Statistics are dry and difficult to relate to. Avoid harping on product facts and focus instead on the user’s experience. Instead of sharing the exact measurements of your smartphone, mention that it can fit in a pocket. Focus on how your customers will use your new product and craft launch copy that focuses on that. Explain how your essential oils have a naturally soothing effect, or how your dog toys can stand up to a Doberman’s toothsome bite. Relate the product to real-world uses and common customer problems so shoppers can envision how this buy might improve their lives.

Reach Industry Influencers

Today’s customers are connected to myriad resources that guide their shopping decisions. A growing number of shoppers are turning to the internet for help, not only from their friends and family on social media, but to top influencers as well. Every industry has its own influencers. These popular bloggers and social media celebrities have their finger on the pulse of a very specific audience. Winning their vote of confidence can result in a major sales boost.

A single tech influencer recommending a new game generated over 12,000 engagements in minutes. A fashion influencer was able to garner a 40 percent click-through rate for her product mention. Identify the influencers in your niche and make sure they’re aware of your latest launches. Send early samples and make sure these influential people are well-informed about your latest line so they can potentially add a vote in your favor for a new level of launch success.

Develop Fresh Packaging

Despite the common admonishment not to judge a book by its cover, many people still do. The packaging for your latest product can have a huge impact on how buyers perceive it. Invest a little extra time and attention into packages for new product launches. Since customers aren’t yet familiar with these products, it’s important to make sure you’re giving them the right impression, whether that’s one of refined elegance or laid-back leisure.

Accept Pre-Orders

Even if you don’t expect a lot of advanced interest for your product, announcing that you’re accepting pre-orders is a powerful marketing strategy. Shoppers who spot the chance to pre-order something assume that it may be difficult to secure on its release. This is a smart strategy that can create the impression of high demand even before you’ve actually generated it.

Consider offering added perks for pre-orders as well, to encourage this activity. Give special coupons, added samples, or other exclusive items to customers who commit to their purchase before the official launch of your new product.

Turn Your Release into an Event

Don’t let your product hit the market quietly. Turn the release into a major event. Create a countdown on your social media sites. Throw a party (or several) on the release day to celebrate. Develop a clever hashtag so people can share their experiences as soon as they get their hands on the item. If you have a strong online following, live stream your release event. If your sales are focused on brick and mortar stores, host live events in your biggest markets.

Your customers won’t get excited about the product launch if you don’t lead the way by creating the right air of anticipation. With proper hoopla, you can get everyone on board to make a splash with your release.

Make sure every new item that hits the market does so in a big way. Prepping for big releases well in advance will give you the chance to excite your audience in powerful new ways. With the right strategy and proper package, you can turn your next product into your biggest success yet.