Rays of light through the open white door on orange wall

What Really Happens Behind Closed Doors

FastKit is housed in an unassuming warehouse in the lush tropical landscape of Miami. The stark white building is identifiable only by the clean lettering over the doors. Its simplistic presence gives no hint as to the intriguing work taking place inside. Behind closed doors, you’ll find a fascinating production line that transforms your inspiring ideas into eye-catching realities. Go ahead and take a peek.

An Expansive Facility

The FastKit warehouse covers 50,000 square feet. This provides ample space to house state-of-the-art equipment for every step of the production process. We like to keep things in-house. This means you’ll find equipment for foil stamping, die-cutting, silk screening, and spot UV coating. Are you looking for a sleek box with a little added shine? How about rich eye-catching colors and exquisite subtlety in shading? We have everything you need to make that a reality under one roof.

Stunningly Quick Production

Keeping all our work under one roof allows us to streamline and speed up the manufacturing process for your packaging products. Rather than send our items out for finishing, we prefer to keep them inside our facility and handle every step of the process ourselves. This allows us to produce faster results, so you can transform your marketing ideas into a hard reality faster than ever.

Smart Strategies for Cost Savings

The longer the production chain, the costlier the results. Shipping items from one facility to another is expensive. We put our investments into fast, efficient equipment that allows us to handle all your needs at FastKit. This helps us produce your packaging more affordably and pass the savings on to you.

Outstanding Attention to Detail

Even our top-of-the-line equipment is only as good as the hands operating it. We have master craftsmen working on our projects to ensure that equipment is used properly and to its fullest potential. Many of the hardworking employees that you’ll spot around our facility have 25 years of experience in their specialty. Peek inside our warehouse and you’ll see a winning combination of speed, creativity, and attention to detail.

FastKit’s facilities allow us to follow your package from start to finish, keeping a keen eye on the production process in every stage. Our building is streamlined to allow for fast production and high quality. From the creative pre-production stages to efficient loading and packaging, we handle it all to make sure you get exactly what you’re after in every order.