Packaging: Spring Trends

Packaging: Spring Trends

Runway looks and new trends in packaging have plenty in common, but they differ in one big way. You can always switch out a jacket that’s no longer in vogue, but packaging trends have to stay stylish for more than a month or two. Expect to see these looks in logos and on storefronts for spring, but don’t worry: They’ll still look fresh for summer and beyond. Let them be your inspiration, a jumping-off point for some truly trend-setting concepts of your own.

Clearly Colorful

Forget the timid Easter-egg pastels – this year’s vibrant spring colors pop against clear or frosted backgrounds. Clear glass, plastic packaging and windows showcase the product inside, and vivid color turns up the volume outside without ever becoming too loud. Die-cut packaging that reveals a glimpse of color underneath a simple exterior is another nod to this trend. Look for opaque color on clear surfaces or printed on the back of a bottle so it’s visible from the front. High-end vodkas, bottled waters and cosmetic products work especially well in packages that play with translucency and color.

White is the New Black

After what felt like a Game of Thrones winter, everyone wants to lighten up for spring. Chic and simple, white makes an elegant foil for all the bright colors in spring’s palette. Because white doesn’t get in the way of strong color combinations, it’s an ideal background for geometric designs in pure, bright pairings such as magenta and chartreuse. Pantone chose Radiant Orchid as its color of the year; white serves as a beautiful backdrop for it and all the other big, bold brights for spring.

Matte Finish

While one packaging trend plays with translucency and opacity, another makes texture the focus with tactile finishes. The velvety look of a matte surface evokes luxury and understated wealth, but it can also go completely modern when used with minimalist color schemes – think of the rubberized matte black of a sleek smartphone case. Combining these rich textures with glossy accents adds a tactile component to how users experience packaging.

Artisanal Inspirations

Everything from soap to soup proudly proclaims its artisanal origins. Packaging for these artisan-inspired products reflects that love of the human touch with line drawings and watercolor illustrations. Kraft paper and natural colors call to mind this artisanal trend; they’re excellent choices for companies that want to associate their products with traditional methods, small-scale production and high quality.

Get Trendy

Feeling inspired by this season’s packaging trends? Incorporate them into your next POP display, product launch or media/sales kit. We can help you customize your brand, business or project – get started now.

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