New Year, New Look: 2015 Packaging Design Trends

New Year, New Look: 2015 Packaging Design Trends

new year, new lookIt takes an insane level of design savvy, a fearless imagination and deft follow-through to create packaging that’s off-the-charts successful. It also requires a packaging designer who perpetually – and maybe even a bit obsessively – keeps a finger on the pulse of emerging industry trends. This, in a nutshell, is what branding is all about. And even more so, as 2014 draws to a close and we stand on the threshold of a “brand” new year, this will be the core driver for every successful rebranding effort.

Why Rebranding?

Any company that hopes to see that off-the-charts success we mentioned in the coming year needs to be willing not only to think outside the “box,” but also to be fearless in discovering and applying the most effective techniques for updating, polishing and improving the image of their brand. They can’t be afraid to let the experienced professionals who have had a creative hand in this industry for decades – consistently producing highly successful packaging and marketing materials – brainstorm an exciting new concept that will take their products and campaigns to a whole new level and allow them to run with it. It really comes down to this: companies that innovate stay ahead of the branding curve. Those that don’t get left behind. It’s as simple as that. So, don’t let fear of the unknown stand in your way because you are the one who creates the future of your brand.

2015 Trends in Packaging Design

Several exciting packaging design trends are quietly but decisively emerging and rising to the top of the product promotion heap. Here are seven to watch for in the coming year:

1. Hand-drawn designs for product labels and company logos will reflect a relaxed, casual, human approach.ruthlesstoothless3

2. Minimalism will continue to attract attention in the coming year, reflecting simplicity.

3. Functionality will drive form in surprising ways, providing the perfect blend of visual appeal and after-market usefulness.

4. Environmental sustainability will remain popular, with recyclable materials such as kraft paper seeing wider use.

5. Clear packaging will be used to let products speak for themselves, using packaging transparency to symbolize brand transparency.

6. White-on-clear and white-on-white packaging will increase, reflecting an image of honesty and purity.

7. Digital “devices,” such as QR codes will be widely utilized by rebranding experts to make products more accessible to the mobile market.

Let Us Put 2015 Trends to Work for Your Brand

Trust your Fastkit packaging and branding pros and set us free to create something new and different and totally phenomenal for your brand. We know our stuff. Really. So, let us put the best 2015 trends in custom packaging design to work for you. Why? Because upgrading your product’s image for the new year is one of the best ways to draw positive attention to your brand.