Make Your Holiday Product Display Shine

Make Your Holiday Product Display Shine

Dewards Counter DisplayWith the holidays fast approaching, the sparkle of tinsel and the glow of colored lights will soon be competing for attention with your products at the shelf. So, you’d best have a plan for creating a point of purchase display that will outshine the glitz and glamour of the season – not to mention, the competition. With higher-than-average sales this time of year – stacked up against higher-than-average competition from equally ambitious brands – point of purchase displays just wouldn’t be the place to cut corners during the holidays. In fact, your POP displays would be a bad place to take shortcuts any time of year.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays that Sparkle

To make the kind of impression that encourages sales and ensures profitability, you need to build a point of purchase display that not only suits your product to a “T’ but that also contains all the elements necessary to intrigue your prospect and inspire a closer look. This critical element of your marketing strategy needs capable, professional handling – and that’s exactly why we’re here. At Fastkit, our experienced creatives have the skills to custom-design the perfect POP display for your next new product or line. From case cards and shelf talkers to free-standing and counter displays, the in-store display design that will draw attention to your product during the ho-ho-holidays is just waiting to be coaxed forth from our creative team’s fertile imaginations.

What Makes Product Displays Stand Out During the Holidays?

What does it take to make your in-store display stand out at holiday time? Our team deftly combines a few indispensable elements to create a point of purchase presentation that rocks your prospect’s world:


From shelf talkers to free-standing easel displays, your branded message has to make an impact. Making that message fit both your product and the season is our specialty.


Bright, rich colors stand out any time of year, but a custom-selected palette creates a special magic during the holidays. Let our highly skilled design experts help you find the perfect combination for your product.


Using a custom finish on your POP display is a design strategy that lets us get even more creative with your product’s holiday PR. We have a wide range of finishes available to top off this season’s campaign.


Brainstorming an amazing initial concept and adding layer upon layer of pure genius is the way we generate the drama that gets your product noticed.

Shine On This Holiday Season with a Fastkit Point of Purchase Display!

All the above elements work together to create the luster that takes your POP displays to the next level. Want that for your line this holiday season? Then, let’s get started! During the holidays – and the rest of the year – Fastkit has the design moves you need to make your product displays shine.