Love & Hate – What Makes a Brand Successful

Love & Hate – What Makes a Brand Successful

In branding, what works and what doesn’t is what determines whether a product — or an entire brand — is loved, hated, or relegated to the annals of obscurity. So what makes the difference between the brands you remember and the ones you never noticed in the first place?

The Brands You Love

”Olympic brands” are brands that blaze a trail, setting an example for other brands to follow. These brands are widely known and loved. Just what magical attributes do they possess that others don’t?

Here are 10 characteristics of well-loved brands:

  • High visibility
  • Visual power
  • Positive messaging
  • Product differentiation
  • Comparative appeal
  • Widespread popularity
  • Product personalization
  • Effective presentation
  • Dramatic impact
  • Appropriate image

The Brands You Hate

Boring, blasé brands simply fade away, while brands that actively attract consumer ire become the brands we love to hate.

Here are 10 characteristics of branding that will inspire consumers to ignore or actively dislike your brand:

  • Lack of excitement
  • Negative or unclear messaging
  • Disconnect between product and advertising
  • Product image that alienates consumers
  • Product unrelated/inappropriate to brand
  • Ignored connotation
  • Forced formality
  • Insensitivity/stereotyping
  • Humor-gone-wrong
  • General poor taste

What’s in a Brand?

According to Millward Brown, “What a brand really consists of is the sum total of the perceptions of that brand in the minds of consumers,” which means that in branding, one “essential task is to build and maintain strong positive associations in the minds of consumers — associations that are tightly linked to the brand’s name, its logo, its packaging, and the experience of the product or service itself.” All this adds up to a set of marketing techniques that work. And this crucial combination is what makes branding stick, creating the brands we can’t get out of our heads — in a good way. In fact, the experts at Millward Brown said that, “For some brands, the packaging may even be the key differentiating feature that will drive the purchase decision.”

And that’s why, when you’re going for over-the-top exciting — in brand recognition, positive product perception, and widespread popularity — you need a savvy packaging expert who knows what it takes to add the visual appeal and dramatic impact. If you want your brand to go from blasé to “Olympic,” partner with our innovative team of creatives at Fastkit.

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