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The Latest Brand Packaging Trends for 2016

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. Unfortunately, falling behind on popular opinion can cost you far more than your cool reputation; it can also cost you in sales. Customers are constantly looking for new brands to try and different products to test. If your competition is better packaged than you, they will walk away with the sale. If you want to update your packaging, then “make it work” with these four trends.

Eco-Friendly is Always On-Trend

Customers have been environmentally conscious for years now and expect brands to continue innovating long after they make their products and packaging more environmentally friendly. The bar used to be set at using recycled paper or cardboard, but now they want smaller packaging that uses less waste and biodegradable plastics.

In 2015, Coca-Cola announced the creation of the first 100% bio-based plant bottle, a package they plan to scale and roll out in 2016 and 2017. More bio-based plastics are in the development process for other brands, so customers can continue using their products with a clear conscious.

Of course, who can forget the edible six-pack rings that Saltwater Brewing debuted this year to protect sea life. Creative eco-friendly packaging is a great way to give back and generate buzz.

Keep it Sweet and Simple

There has been a rise in basic packaging lately where brands go back to their roots and only show the brand name and what the product is. Instead of packing several lines of copy and graphics highlighting the features and uses, they’re simply letting the product speak for itself. This encourages customers to test the product and decide for themselves if they like it, while the simple packaging stands apart from the shelves of choices that face customers every day.

If you’re designing packaging for a new product, add everything you want to say and then look for opportunities to take a minimalist approach. This might involve moving your product information to the side or back of the box, or removing certain information altogether. Always go for the KISS.

Creative Geometry

We’ve helped a few clients break out of the box and explore triangles, pentagons, and tubes in their packaging, but brands are taking creative packaging to a whole new level by incorporating geometric patterns in their package design as well as construction.

This makes sense when you think about the rise in simple design. Companies want to add flair and excitement to their packages, but they don’t want to go overboard as long as minimalism is popular. To strike an even balance, they’re adding geometric patterns and designs on their boxes as a way to stand out. The crisp geometric lines are visually appealing, but don’t distract from the actual product.

Old Fashioned is the New Fashioned

Simple packaging also ties into the old-fashioned trend that is popular with young customers. Customers view old-fashioned products with nostalgia of a better time when everything was less commercial, so they feel like they’re getting a softer sell than with a modern product.

Also, old fashioned products are believed to have a higher quality than modern products that are made with plastic and infused with chemicals. When you look at popular restaurants, customers are opting for rustic-chic brunch locales instead of sci-fi fast food because they want natural ingredients. Old-fashioned packaging is the modern version of that.

If you have a highly-technical product that requires a lot of text and don’t want to go with the simplistic route, consider opting for old-fashioned packaging. It’s a great way to symbolize the quality that customers look for.

Pick and choose a few of these trends to adjust your packaging and give it a little extra flair. As long as you stay true to your brand and your product, there’s no reason to avoid the latest fashion trends and accessories. Your might be surprised how your product turns out — and how customers react to it. Customers vote with their dollar, and they could say “auf wiedersehen” to your brand if your packaging fails to amaze.