Kick Off the New Year with a Banging First Impression

Kick Off the New Year with a Banging First Impression

Every business leader knows that first impressions are critical to success. After all, no executive ascends the corporate ladder without making strong impressions on employers and colleagues. Yet as much as first impressions matter, it’s essential that any company focuses not just on making a great initial impression but also on making an impression that sticks with consumers. Making a lasting impression means securing the highest ROI possible and making the most of your marketing dollars.

Of course, making a positive and enduring impression isn’t always as easy it sounds. One of the most cost-effective way to do so is by making smart, deliberate packaging decisions. For many consumers, initial contact with your company will be made through packaging. Even if you provide services instead of offering tangible products, you likely rely on folios that offer detailed information about your services to customers. If your company is ready to start fresh in 2015, consider shaking up your packaging choices.

Using Packaging to Impress Your Customers

Whether they buy your products in supermarkets or request information about your services by mail, consumers unconsciously form an opinion about your business based on the packaging you use. Think of packaging as the wardrobe that your products wear onto the consumer market. Being dressed right is crucial to being picked up by consumers, and it’s also crucial to being remembered. When you choose the right packaging, you can create higher expectations in the minds of consumers, which generally lead to more positive impressions of your products.

As you consider how to make great and enduring impressions via packaging, keep the following in mind:

  • Packaging should be evocative of either your brand identity or of the product it contains.
  • Shoppers should be able to associate packaging with the positive attributes of its product.
  • Packaging should make a strong visual impact via the use of color, texture and fonts.
  • Packaging should differentiate your brand from that of your competitors.

It’s also important to ensure that packaging is the same across your brand family. Your products don’t all need to come in the same type of package, but each package should share attributes with your brand’s other packages. This might be accomplished by using a certain color scheme or by incorporating your brand’s logo and other identifiers. Keep it consistent as you plan your packaging program so that all of your products make a strong, long-lasting impression that can help drive up your bottom line. Work with Fastkit to create custom packaging for your product that will leave a lasting impression.