Inside the Mind of a Creative Powerhouse

Owner and President of Fastkit, Jose Fernandez, got his start making binders in the 80s and has since grown his business into one of the leading custom packaging companies nationwide. What drives Jose and his company’s success? Find out from the mastermind himself.

Greatness Inspired

Being in Miami, Jose and his staff are surrounded by avant garde design every day. “Miami has the best designers and agencies. Everyone wants to push it to the next level and this allows us to show off our manufacturing expertise,” Jose said.

Of course, Fastkit couldn’t be the boutique packaging company it is today without amazing customers. When asked where he and his team find inspiration, Jose said, “Our customers and their ideas paired with our expertise and talent is a winning recipe!”

He also hires creative talent with years and years of diverse experience just to put them through extensive training once they join the Fastkit family. “At Fastkit, we train them and show them how to really make our customers shine.”

Picking the President’s Brain

One thing that has carried Fastkit to success is Jose’s love for challenges. Tall orders, hard deadlines, outrageous requests – Jose welcomes them all. He might be fearless, or sometimes downright crazy. Either way, Jose largely credits his company’s success to his clients.

What is the story behind the quote (here’s to the crazy ones), and how has it helped you develop your business at Fastkit?

“The crazy ones are the ones that need a work of art produced in a week. The ones that always need last minute changes. The ones that push projects to new limits. They are the ones that keep Fastkit producing award winning packaging!”

What are your favorite projects Fastkit has ever produced?

“The Club Eleven and the Grey Goose boxes are very cool, and the Cabaret invite is also unique in that it has a 3D viewer. Other favorites have to be the LIV box with an LED light shining through the cover and the Sandals Video invite.”

How do you and your staff stay at the front of the pack when it comes to custom packaging?

“Our customers do it for us! They come up with the craziest ideas and we are challenged daily to produce them.”

Special Delivery

In order for Fastkit to live up to its customers’ expectations, the company has to able to deliver no matter how crazy the request. To ensure his company’s success, Jose invested in the cutting-edge (pun intended) Automatic Ridge Box Line machine. After seeing it in action at the DRUPA show in Dusseldorf, Germany, Jose was ready to make it his own.

“When I saw the machine I knew that it had the capabilities to run a various types of boxes and slipcases that required dimensions not available in older machines,” said Jose. This investment has allowed Fastkit to take their clients to the next level.

When asked about his goals for Fastkit, Jose simply said, “If it’s not broken don’t fix it. We are going to continue to grow by doing what we do best – creating boutique-style packaging that demands attention and makes you go ‘WOW!’”

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