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How To Choose The Right Company To Create Your Custom Packaging

Your package is the first impression you give to customers, whether they’re picking up a box off the shelf or opening a binder to review a presentation. You can entice them and wow them with your quality, or you can bore them with something they’ve seen before. It all depends on which custom packaging company you choose.

We don’t believe in standard packages that work for most of our other customers, we believe in creating something individualized to your product. Like our products, we want to stand out. Here are a few traits in look for in your packaging company, and how we strive to meet all of them.

Creativity is a Must

We started designing binders back in 1986, but quickly realized there was so much more out there that we could create. We wanted to challenge ourselves to create unique packages and presentations for clients that made them shine. Fast forward 30 years, and we approach each client with the goal of doing something different. This might involve using a packing shape that’s uncommon or testing new colors to rebrand a product. How can you expect your brand to stand out if your packaging company is giving you something basic?

Consider Long-Term Company Goals

You might need an event kit or press booklet for an event now, but that doesn’t mean you should think in the short term when researching packaging companies. What events are you hosting in the next year or two? What products are launching? You want to find a full-service company that offers different printing materials, that way you know where to turn when you need a new kit. Plus, working with us allows us to get to know your brand and make recommendations, reducing your risk that we’ll make something that’s not a good fit.

Find Specialists in Your Industry

We’ve worked with a variety of educational institutions, healthcare companies, event planners, and hospitality specialists. Each industry has its own specific requirements (and sometimes regulations) so advertising and packaging. What works well in one industry get ignored in another. You know this, but does your design company?

Make sure whoever you work with has experience in your field, or you could spend more time teaching them about your audience and peers than you intended.

The more customers we work with, the more we realize how important creativity, specialization, and long-term goals are. This allows us to tailor our business to you, instead of asking you to match our pre-set plans.