A Study in Excellence: Gapingvoid Acrylic Award Box

A Study in Excellence: Gapingvoid Acrylic Award Box

Gapingvoid is a publishing firm that produces artistic works for corporate use. When you need an inspirational print, a special limited edition design, or a standout award for your office, Gapingvoid is the company you turn to. When they needed a clean, attractive box for their products, they turned to our creative team at Fastkit for a sleek solution.

Identifying Their Needs

The first step to creating a custom solution for our clients is working to identify their unique needs. No two products should ever be identical. You need a one-of-a-kind creation that will help you stand out in your sector. For Gapingvoid, this meant understanding the type of display they produce as well as the kind of promotional tone they would want to channel with their packaging.

Gapingvoid produces rectangular art prints, so we knew from the beginning that we were looking at a simple rectangular box. The prints on display in each box are used primarily in office environments. This tells us that we need a simple, professional look with sharp corners and clean lines. We wanted to combine durability with affordability for a finished product that would impress a corporate audience.

Creating a Smart Solution

Once we had a clear idea of what Gapingvoid was looking for, we went to work identifying the best materials for the job. In this case, we chose a rigid telescopic box. This was enhanced with soft touch lamination and spot UV printing. This type of box creates a durable case for the acrylic art prints inside. When you’re selling limited-edition products, you have a particular level of prestige that you want to maintain.

Telescopic boxes feature a two-piece design where each half of the box is nearly identical in size. These two-piece product boxes are sturdy enough to protect an item like the acrylic award box, yet lightweight enough to make shipping and production easy.

Producing an Attractive Design

A crucial aspect of any branding effort is design. We wanted to make sure that the box for Gapingvoid’s products would be consistent with their overall image. This was achieved using spot UV printing. This printing technique uses a UV light to cure a particular area on the box. This adds a high-gloss shine to a targeted area on the packaging. Spot UV printing turned the Gapingvoid company name into an elegant addition on the box.

We further enhanced the design of the box with all-over printing on the bottom. Finished with soft touch lamination, this makes an immediate impression on the viewer. The box is as artistic as the print inside, solidifying the Gapingvoid reputation as a dynamic design company. The art for the box came directly from the company, so the item clearly had the signature look and feel associated with Gapingvoid.

Standout Production and Striking Features

Our Gapingvoid project took about 4 weeks to produce. This is our standard turnaround time for this type of project. In just a month, you can turn your ideas into an eye-catching product box with the help of Fastkit. Not only was the process fast and efficient, it was also an affordable solution for the company.

One of the best features of the Gapingvoid acrylic award box was its luxurious feel. The box is smooth and elegant, begging you to pick it up and explore what’s inside. The rigid design promises adequate protection for your items, while giving the distinctive impression of sophistication. Professionalism and attractiveness come together in this design, that’s as affordable as it is alluring.

When we were working with Gapingvoid, we immediately saw the need for a simple product that wouldn’t take a lot to produce, either in the way of time or money. Our solution was fast and budget-friendly without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness. The artistic acrylic desk accessories that Gapingvoid is known for find a comfortable home in our custom designed boxes.

If you’re looking for a custom box or attractive packaging solution for your products and kits, contact Fastkit for a professional consultation with an experienced design team. We can help you create an eye-catching box that’s perfect for your branding.