Finish First Or You Finish Last

Finish First Or You Finish Last

Elle Woods had the test scores and GPA to get into Harvard Law, but her pink resume spritzed with perfume ultimately lead to her acceptance. If Legally Blonde taught us anything, it’s to focus on the fine details and finishing touches of any project. Little additions can go a long way, which is why we sit down with each of our clients to figure out how to polish their projects to perfection. Before you start a repackaging or branding plan, decide what finishing options will add something extra to your brand.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossed and Debossed finishes are ideal for products that need to stand out. If you’re creating a media kit that competes with others in your industry, or want your event invitation to stand out above the rest, we recommend this style to add a 3D element to your printing.

An embossed finish makes your logo or lettering pop out of the paper. Conversely, a debossed finish creates depressions, or valleys, as opposed to hills in the lettering. Both types of lettering can have ink or foil applied to it for additional contrast, or can be left blank — what we call a blind emboss.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping uses pressure, heat, foil film, and metal dies to add a color finish to the paper. The practice originated in the 1800s for book titles, and evolved through the 1960s to the process we use today. While most people think about gold and silver when they choose foils, we offer hundreds of different colors from Holographic to Pearlescent to Matte.

You don’t have to have a shiny finish to utilize foil. Some clients prefer a foil finish on their embossed lettering to make it stand out, or to incorporate their company colors in a unique way.

UV Ink and Coating

We completely understand if you’re not interested in saving money, receiving your products faster or helping the environment. But if you are, we recommend opting for the UV Ink and Coating treatments.

Traditional printing requires a solvent-based ink, which takes longer to dry and releases chemicals as it sets. To improve the process, we place the newly printed sheets under a UV light, which forces it to dry much faster. On top of the fast delivery, we don’t need to apply a aqueous coating to keep your products safe, reducing the costs for both parties to print.

As far as UV coatings, there are a range of options for your paper. We can add a frosted or leather-like texture to your order, or coat it in glitter in a variety of different thickness levels.


Most people choose lamination for its durability. They want maps and menus that can take a beating over the edge of Niagara Falls. While paper strength is impressive, we think that lamination can all help you draw attention to certain aspects of your presentation, especially when paired with non-laminated printings. Ask about our multiple lamination options, from the standard Polypropylene, to a metallic or satin finish.

Custom Binding and Book Creation

Whether you’re creating a media kit to wow the presses, or want to make a book to give at the end of your events, we specialize in binding techniques.

Depending on your audience, we can add a turned edge binding, a heat-sealed vinyl binding, or a Routed binding to your project. For reference, turned-edge binding is glued over a harder board to create a stronger surface, while heat-sealed binding essentially welds to vinyls together.

For bookbinding, we can create hardcover or softcover publications, or the more practical spiral bound. For maximum durability, we recommend the PUR hot melt method. This method is ideal for books or maps that are going to take a beating, and need to last for years without tear or fade. The PUR binding method creates products that can withstand 120 degree Celsius heat and retain their elasticity at -40 Celsius.

The finishes you choose dictate what message you try to send with the product. Are you creating a delicate dove that floats gently in the recipient’s hand? Or are you creating a guide to survive the apocalypse? Whichever finish you choose, we recommend the glitter.