Don’t Stop Short of the Finish Line

Don’t Stop Short of the Finish Line

Product packaging offers companies a unique opportunity for attracting the customer’s attention. In this game, combining the elements of size, shape, color, material, and design can be your key to crafting the perception you want consumers to have of your brand: aka, your product’s persona. Yet, when you’ve done all that, one key element is still missing: the finish. In fact, finish is that bit of extra magic that helps you create a visual and tactile experience that will make customers reach for your product instead of the one next to it. How can the right product or packaging finish help differentiate your offering from your competition’s? Let’s take a look.

Create Drama with Foil Stamping

When it comes to gaining an edge in the retail sales race, adding the dramatic impact of foil stamping to your product creates an impressive presentation that can make all the difference. Whether flat or sculpted, foil stamping can help you create highly professional event folders, business cards, menus, invitations, and more. Metallic, satin, and matte are just a few of the many foil types we use to craft just the right touch of drama for your product’s presentation. Our designers will work closely with you to determine whether your artwork is well-suited to this process. We can also help you develop the right artistic designs to make your foil-stamped package or product shine.

Add Elegance with Embossing

Because your package’s finish can be one of the most effective ways to distinguish your brand from the competition, we enjoy working with you to use finishes like embossing to add an elegant look to your product or label. Embossing is a process that produces a three-dimensional look and feel that adds character and texture to your piece by creating a raised surface. Because embossing can be done using foil or paper, it’s a versatile process that adds distinction to envelopes, letterhead, wine and other product labels, and product packaging. Several types of embossing are available to enhance your presentation. Let our designers help you select the one that will best reflect your brand.

From Start to Finish: Packaging to Impress

At Fastkit, there are few limits to what we can do to make your product come out ahead at the finish line. In fact, our designers are experts at combining finishes, including foil stamping and embossing, to create a unique design that’s custom-crafted to reflect your product’s best features. So, get in touch and let us know what you need. Let’s take your product all the way to the finish line.

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