Don’t Be A Square: Boring Square Boxes Are Out, These Shapes Are In

Don’t Be A Square: Boring Square Boxes Are Out, These Shapes Are In

If you’re looking to blend in among other average performers while your competition passes you by, there’s no better option than a square box. These packages are the camouflage of the marketing world, making sure brands are hidden safely where no one can find them.

However, if you’re looking to grab your customer’s attention and get picked above the rest, think outside the box and try a unique shape for your packaging. Here are a few shapes that have been popular lately and why brands and audiences can’t keep their hands off of them.

Triangle Boxes Create a Triple Threat

VOWTO came to us in need of a new member welcome kit with samples and product gifts to excite customers about the company. We knew they needed to stand out, so we created a folded carton with inner boxes, each housing a different surprise for those who open it. The best part is when the four triangles fold into one large one, harnessing the power of geometry to entice customers.

Not only are triangles a unique packaging option, they also set up your brand for an exciting display if you’re packaging items for a store. .

Soften Your Message With Oval Boxes and Cylinders

Not every product requires strong edges that cut out from the rest. Some brands command more attention with soft packaging that adds mystery. This is where oval and cylindrical boxes come in. These are ideal for perfumes and other makeup products because they tap into the existing curves of women and create a feminine feel.

Of course, your target audience doesn’t have to be women. Ovals can create a strong presence for men’s products like colognes and after shaves as well. .

Don’t Cut Corners With a Pentagon Box

Instead of cutting down your box into a triangle or an oval, add extra corners and turn your presentation into a pentagon, hexagon, or even an octagon. These extra angles work to make your products the centerpiece of your packaging. Each angle points toward the center and spotlights the items that you create.

Multi-angled boxes also stand out on store shelves. Their unique shapes are relatively unseen in markets, which draws people to them. When done right, the box will be saved and become part of the product itself!

Before you order the typical square, get creative with unique box shapes. Our experts can work with your brand to identify the right number of angles — if any — needed to highlight your product in the best way possible.