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Does Your Brand Packaging Represent Who You Are?

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but your customers may have little choice but to evaluate your product based on the packaging. The right packaging will convey your brand’s personality and give a sense of the audience or environment that your product is right for. Carefully consider the message that you’re sending with your packaging to determine whether it’s telling shoppers the right story about your product.

Establishing Your Brand Image

What are the key elements of your brand image? The world’s most valuable brands all contain elements that are instantly recognizable. Apple’s bitten fruit logo is now synonymous with cutting edge technology. A single letter in the right colors and font is all it takes to get consumers thinking about Facebook. Those two golden arches can have your stomach rumbling for hot salty fries in an instant.

What are your brand’s most identifiable elements? Is it your distinctive color palette, sleek logo, or eye-catching illustrations? Make sure your packaging includes the right colors, typography, and imagery. Your customers should instantly associate the package with your brand.

Creating a Consistent Marketing Strategy

Product packaging is not a stand-alone element. It should be a cohesive part of your overall marketing strategy. If your current campaign emphasizes your brand’s 100-year history, opt for packaging with a timeless or vintage appeal. If you’re actively trying to connect with a younger audience, modern, streamlined elements may appeal best to your target demographic.

Any literature included in your sales kits should feature the same messaging as your website, social media campaigns, and other mailers. Consistency is key when you’re establishing a high-impact marketing campaign.

Sending a Compelling Message

Product packaging has minimal space for messaging, so make sure the words and phrases you choose send a powerful and concise message. Develop a tag line that will remind customers of your other advertising so your packaging instantly connects shoppers to your television commercial or viral internet video. You can say a lot with just a few words when you’re careful about your choice of phrasing. Assume shoppers will only scan the packaging and make sure the most important message there is impossible to miss.

Your product packaging doesn’t need to be complex to be effective. Identify the most important elements of your brand and highlight these on each package for a finished product that accurately represents what your brand stands for and who you are.