Demand Attention through Creative Product Packaging

Demand Attention through Creative Product Packaging


Product packaging is key to effectively marketing your brand. Knowing how to make your product stand out in a sea of similar merchandise requires skill, experience and a bit of the Midas Touch. It takes plenty of practice to know which design features make your packaging stack up favorably against the competition. To put it simply, creating amazing packaging means understanding what grabs consumer attention. Once you’ve got that, you can own your market.

So, what does it take to create attention-grabbing packaging? It starts with creativity, a strong esthetic sense, and a flair for the dramatic. But, that’s only the beginning. For the designer who possesses these indispensable traits, the rest is purely a matter of combining a few long-established design principles in magical new ways to transform a functional receptacle into a product casing that’s too incredible to ignore.

7 Elements of Attention-Grabbing Package Design

  1. Choose packaging materials that are appropriate to the product and its use but that will also earn high marks for presentation.
  2. Use color to make your packaging pop! In choosing colors, consider color psychology, which can help you craft just the right image for your packaging.
  3. Create a balance between imaginative and functional when deciding on the shape of your packaging to provide convenience while projecting just the right impression.
  4. Let your choice of accents and embellishments make a statement about the package contents, whether classy or bold, serious or fun.
  5. Use high-quality graphics to craft an experience. In most cases, the less elaborate the better.
  6. Turn your text into your message — making it simple, impactful and to-the-point. High-quality printing will add an extra dimension.
  7. Use finish to set the mood. From matte to high gloss and smooth to textured, you can choose from a variety of coatings to top off your packaging, adding an irresistible feel and further enhancing visual appeal.

Perception is Everything!

When all is said and done, your product packaging should convey the identity and personality of your brand while inspiring the precise perception you elect to create around your product. Ace this and your product will stand out from the crowd. But a disconnect here will leave consumers confused, dissatisfied and reaching for your competitor’s product.

For attention-grabbing packaging, you’ll need a package designer who not only knows what grabs consumer attention but who also has the skills and experience to translate that knowledge into packaging that provides the “Wow!” factor you need for effectively marketing your brand. Oh, wait, that’s us.

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