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We Are Not Kidding When It Comes To Custom Kitting

Custom kitting is a great way to market your products. Whether you’re looking for a mini pack to introduce customers to your offering, creating gift kits for the holidays, or need sales bundles so your team can hand out samples on the road, we’ll be with you from the initial idea through the execution. We’ll make sure your kits stand out above the rest, so the first time your customers try your products certainly won’t be their last.

We Accept Your Kitting Challenge

Not many companies offer kitting as a service or strongly advertise their offering to their customers. This is because kitting can often be a long and complex process for the warehouse team. Kitting requires teams within the warehouse to grab multiple individual items and package them as one set. This can be as simple as kitting a shampoo and conditioner bottle together or as complex as a twenty-item gift basket for a few lucky customers. As one of the top kitting services in the industry, we make sure everything you need is packaged accurately and efficiently.

Let Our Fulfillment Team Focus on the Special Details

Fulfillment is so much more involved than just making sure everything matches the correct order. If that’s all it entailed, then robots would have completely replaced humans years ago. We understand that each package is special. Maybe it needs gift wrapping before it’s delivered to the recipient, or maybe there are small details and flair that should be added to create a memorable appearance.

Companies like Apple and Toblerone have mastered the art of creating unique experiences with their packaging, to the point where their boxes alone immediately cause emotional customer reactions. We don’t just want to fulfill and package your kits, we want to package your brand experience.

Relax Knowing Your Packages Have Arrived on Time

The worst way to create an impression is to arrive late. Even the best kits can get ignored by potential customers if they fail to arrive on time. This is why we ensure that our kit distribution is prompt due to reliable inventory management systems and product sourcing. As long as we’re creating kits for your company, we’ll make sure we’re stocked with the right amount of product for your needs.

There’s no need to fall apart over kitting, so package yourself together and get ready to impress your customers. We’ll make sure everything is fulfilled and shipped correctly, so you just have to worry about wowing them with your products.