You Can’t Redo a First Impression

You Can’t Redo a First Impression

First impressions are the most important might be a cliche, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not right. Whether in personal or professional life, there really is nothing more important than the first impression someone gets of a new acquaintance or business. New studies by academics have shown that first impressions really are crucial, and undoing the harm caused by a bad first impression can be difficult or even impossible. For business leaders, there’s no room to ignore the power of a first impression.

After all, it doesn’t matter what product or service you sell. What you really offer to your customers is quality and reliability. Whether you’re approaching new business partners or launching a marketing campaign to attract new clients, knowing how to present your brand well is a matter of knowing how to communicate not just what you do, but the other values that you bring to the table.

What Makes a Good First Impression Anyhow?

It’s one thing to know that a great first impression matters, but it can be quite another to know how to actually make great impressions on clients and business associates. Luckily, making a great first impression as a business is by and large a matter of conducting a successful branding campaign. For businesses, brand identity is the first impression most customers will have of a given product or service.

Of course, successful branding doesn’t happen overnight. Much like you’d take time to groom yourself and carefully select an outfit for a big job interview, it will also take time to decide how to dress up your business or a new product before you send it out into the world. As you think through your strategies to make a great first impression, keep the basic principles of branding in mind:

  • Simplicity always trumps a complex, confusing message.
  • Memorability drives long-term branding success.
  • Aesthetic value matters, especially when it comes to getting consumers to interact with products.
  • Great brands make meaningful connections between their core values and products.

Making a good first impression often means negotiating the line between outward appearances and internal brand values with savvy. Sure, everyone knows that outside beauty fades. But when it comes to branding and selling products and services, nothing is more important than the ephemeral, emotionally evocative response consumers and potential investors have the first time they open your sales kit or unwrap your company’s hottest new product.

Using Packaging to Make a Strong First Impression

Creating an emotional response is key to getting packaging for your brand right. It’s important to create instant recognition so that consumers and business leaders can choose your products and services even when distracted by other offerings on the market. As you think through your packaging strategy, keep brand at the forefront of your mind. It’s important that all media kits, packaging and point-of-purchase (POP) displays reflect your brand and share similar aesthetic qualities. Color schemes, logos, fonts and graphics need to be consistent across packaging in order to provide the best return on investment (ROI) and to drive brand recognition.

A well-designed media kit or POP display makes a great impression because it allows you to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise to potential customers. Today’s shoppers are exposed to a constant stream of rich, high-definition visual content thanks to the prevalence of mobile technologies. For business leaders thinking through packaging, this means that packages, kits and displays must meet the high aesthetic demands of design-savvy consumers. After all, fleeting though it might be, the beauty of great packaging leaves an impression long after the package itself has been thrown away. At Fastkit Pack, our business is perfect packaging. When you’re ready to re-you’re your brand, call us.

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